Guardians in Prague

Guardians in Prague


“Do you love me?” Yoo stared at me with his imploring eyes. He looked at me so tightly that I couldn’t escape from it although I had tried my best. To tell the truth, I really didn’t know how to answer. Whether I love him or not turned out to be a hard question. I had thought it for so long but I couldn’t find an answer. “Only an elder brother?” Once more, I asked myself. He was brilliant as well as handsome. For most, I enjoyed myself very much during the time we spent together. Was it a fact that I had fallen in love with him? I got hesitated seeing his eyes full of request. I really didn’t know how to respond to his request. Tears welled up in my eyes and fell down on my face. “Ding”, “Ding”. He tapped me softly, sweeping the tears away, and encircled me. I hadn’t had such a kind of feeling for so long. However, the air was filled with lemon, which made me unable to reject. “It doesn’t matter,” said     Yoo, “You don’t have to answer it immediately. If it seems to be hard for you, I would rather that I had not asked you about it. I will not be forcing you to do whatever you don’t like to.” Strangely, I thought I were a kid who had done something wrong.


It was in the Prague Square that we met for the first time. We quarreled for an ice cream. “How bad this guy is!” was the first impression he left on me. However, later on, I found him perfect gradually. It was in the way we make the acquaintance. “Let’s go home”, his voice came into my ears again, which drew me back into reality. He warmed me with his lemon coat. I felt rather warm that time. “Ouch”, “Are you cold”, I asked. “No, I won’t feel cold when I am with you”, he answered me with a smile on his face, “You’re always my beloved, forever, and I will treat you as an angel all the time!”


Judging from his eyes, I read that he wanted to tell me something, but he didn’t. He took me home with a total silence. He embraced me at the moment I turned around, tightly. “What’s wrong?” I thought to myself, “He had never hugged me like this before!” I was greatly puzzled at his so many puzzling questions.


“It’s okay”, said I, “Painful!” Just at the moment that he realized that how rude he was just now. Then, he pulled back his hands and began to pore over me, strangely. “Oh, I am sorry, you should always be happy! Take good care of yourself”, smiling, he said these words. “Was he going to leave me?” I felt a little impatient, “Oh, I see. You said that you would protect me for ever, didn’t you?” “Yes, of course!” he beamed, thoughtfully. He got to know that he was just an elder brother in my mind, which, I thought, made him very frustrated. How I regret having done so! I was angry with myself for regardless of his feeling. “If, due to this, he left me, I would have told him that I love you”, exclaimed I. From this, I knew that, sometimes, it is wise to make yourself heard, which means that you should make him or her understand that you love him or her. Otherwise, he or she will never know your crush on him or her!


“Goodness yes!” I couldn’t help but screamed when I was bumped by someone. There laid an envelop. I wanted to inform him about it but he ran away. I picked up the envelop interestingly. Later, I was puzzled to find my name on it. A photo which was taken in Prague Square with Yoo fell down to the ground when I opened the envelop. The scenes came back into my mind again. “Yoo, will you always be there with me?” “Yes, I will! And I am willing to! It’s my resolution and duty to protect you. Yes! To be your guardian!” Yoo replied, “Forever!”


“Meon, watch the falling stars. Make a wish!” “What did you say to the God?” “I can’t tell anyone, or it won’t come true.” Remembering these, I was given a letter. “It seems to be Yoo’s handwriting”, Len, a friend of mine, said in her sweet voice. I hurried to unfold the letter. “Yeah, you did it, Len, you did it!” I shouted, excitedly.


Dear Meon,


I can still remember the question you asked me that what kind of feeling I have when I have fallen in love with you. I want to express the feeling via this letter. I began to care about your words, actions and all the other things the moment I fell in love with you. I think the care is from the bottom of my heart. When I am with you, my heart keeps on beating so fast that it can hit the strongest stone in the world; I feel very disappointed if I can’t be there with you; I can’t fall asleep if you’re ill. Happy as you are, I will be 100 times happier! For most part, I can’t help hugging you the time you looks as if you are an angel. Is it a hard question to you whether you love me or not? You turned me down. I was deeply frustrated that day. Just as what you’ve told me, you’ll always treat me as an elder brother. If it continues like this, I think, I would rather give up. However, I will be there having prayer for you.


Finally, I want to tell you that I love you! I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.


Now, I’m waiting for you in the Prague Square. If you still love me, just come, if not, never do that!





“He’s waiting for me in the Prague Square”, I cried, rushing out, “Yoo, I love you! Wait for me! I am coming! Wait for me!” I ignored anything but ran straightly towards the square. How I was afraid that I would never see him again!


The sun had hidden itself behind the horizon when I reached there. I looked around, searched for him here and there, but I still couldn’t find him. Tears began to fill up my eyes. “Yoo, I love you!”


“Meon”, there came a familiar voice, I turned around, excitedly, and found him. I rushed to him and hugged him. “You’re so wretched! I thought I would never have the chance to see you again.” “It’s can’t impossibly! It’s my promise to be your guardian, and I will never break it!” said Yoo, “Meon, tell me you love me!”


“Okay! But … er…er…let me eat the McDonald’s first. You were too sly to cheat on me!


“Oh no no Meon, don’t do that, you will be fat!”


“No, I want to!”


“All right, but remember to tell me you love me!”






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Translated by Zhou Min on Sept 30, 2007. English translation copyright ? Zhou Yang.

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